Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've listed the most commonly asked questions and answers about A-Fest

Application and Tickets

What do I need to do to join A-Fest?

A-Fest is strictly invite-only, a policy which ensures a carefully curated community with similar values and a shared mission. In order to attend A-Fest, you need to fill out the application form here, so we can learn more about you. Our team will then review your application, and if we feel you’re a strong fit, we’ll send you the link to purchase your ticket and officially welcome you to our Tribe. Please expect to receive a response within 2 to 4 weeks from the day you've applied.

What are the requirements to get accepted to attend?

A-Fest is not restricted to entrepreneurs. Past attendees include entrepreneurs, employees, artists, thought leaders, innovators, doctors, writers, educators, speakers, professional athletes, Hollywood actors... and more! What we're looking for are extraordinary individuals who are driven by epic ideas to positively impact the world. We look for people who are inspiring, ambitious and can help spread the powerful concepts shared during A-Fest.

Typically, we like to ensure there is a 50/50 split of men and women, as well as selection of representatives from countries and cultures across the globe. There is no age barrier at A-Fest.


How long does the application process take?

Our team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. This may take from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of applications we have to review. If your application is accepted, we will send you more information about the event, and a link to purchase your ticket. Please note that you will have a limited time to secure your ticket before it is passed onto someone else on our waiting list.


What’s the difference between A-Fest Europe and West?

In general, the content is the same; high quality invite-only attendees, speakers and workshops focusing on personal and professional development and incredible parties, excursions and networking opportunities. The main difference between A-Fest Europe and West is the theme, location and lineup of speakers. A-Fest West takes place in all-inclusive hotels, which is not the case for Europe as all-inclusive options are seldom and limited. 

How much are the tickets?

A ticket to A-Fest Sardinia includes 4 jam-packed days with 350+ incredible and accomplished individuals in a paradise location. An A-Fest ticket typically starts at $2,995 and goes up to $3,995. It is a tiered pricing structure so ticket prices increase by around $200 every 30 tickets sold.

What’s included in the cost of the ticket?
  • An epic gathering of hundreds of incredible thought leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs in a paradise location.
  • Four days of exclusive training with a stellar lineup of speakers sharing their best and proven practices for personal and professional development.
  • The day before A-Fest starts, we have additional training available for very specific topics free of charge.
  • Bonding, networking, and connecting with some of the most interesting and inspirational people you’ll ever meet.
  • Incredible parties, private events and excursions including a group dinner hosted by A-Fest, a costume party, cocktail reception and a spectacular offsite closing event.
  • Membership into the global A-Fest Tribe. By attending A-Fest, you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining a community of brilliant people who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to make an impact on the world. Once you attend, you'll never feel alone again and you’ll have friends around the world.
What is NOT included in the cost of the ticket?

Aside from the event ticket, attendees are responsible for covering their airfare, ground transfers, and accommodation on half board basis (buffet breakfast and dinner included) and some additional beverages at Forte Village Resort.

Can I bring my children? How much are the junior tickets?

A-Fest is family friendly and we welcome children of all ages. We’ve even had attendees bring their newborn. Children under 18 get to attend for free and those aged 18 and up require a full price ticket. After you've secured a ticket, we will email you with instructions for registering your child(ren).

Can I bring my spouse to the event?

Attendees are welcome to invite their spouse to the event, however in order to attend any of the events (seminar room or social events) they require a ticket. If you’ve had a successful application, your spouse can register immediately and purchase a ticket at the current ticket price. Please email us here for the additional ticket.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! A full refund can be granted up to 45 days before the start date of the event. You must have requested the refund by emailing at least 45 days prior to the event in order to be eligible for the refund.

Alternatively, you can transfer your ticket to the next A-Fest event, or send a family member or business partner/associate in your place, provided they qualify.

How can I transfer my ticket?

Should you need to transfer your event ticket to another A-Fest event, additional fees may apply depending on location and tiered ticket pricing. A fee of $500 USD will be required every time a ticket is transferred to a new event. All transfer requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event, can be transferred only once to the next event, and are non-refundable. You can request this by emailing

IMPORTANT: Tickets are not for resale, and are not transferable to any other person, other than a family member or business partner/associate, provided they qualify to attend. Tickets sold over Social Media channels will not be accepted as a valid A-Fest ticket.



What can I expect at A-Fest?

A-Fest is not a traditional seminar. It’s an event that brings together people who have, by nature, a desire to impact the world and to help push humanity forward. At A-Fest, you’ll get powerful training on a particular theme, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, deep connections and unique opportunities to give back, so you can play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things. While you can still expect mind-blowing stage presentations from world renowned speakers, you’ll also get to experience incredible parties and excursions, mind-blowing workshops and much, much more.

What’s the theme of A-Fest Sardinia?

The theme for this A-Fest will be based around Longevity. As human lifespan approaches 100 years, we know we can extend life, but we cannot yet reverse ageing. Our goal has, therefore, become about slowing down ageing as much as possible. This A-Fest is based on the exploration of cutting-edge ideas about how to ensure that you can have the body, mental states, looks and power of someone 20 to 40 years younger than you. It’s an exploration of new protocols and methods proven by science to slow down ageing, including brain training to reverse vision deterioration, new methods of science-backed exercise that can 10X your muscular development, biohacking and new tools to reverse cellular ageing, and new mindsets to feel and live young.

What’s the start and end time each day?

The seminar session starts at 10:30 AM sharp and ends around 6PM. However, we also have optional morning activities and evening events planned, so don’t make any plans for the evenings because you can expect a lot of fun from early in the morning until well into the night! For all off-site evening events, we’ll have an early and late departure so you can choose which works best for you.

How much free time can I expect?

The short answer is very little. You’ll have an hour or so after each day to relax, eat, meditate, shower, etc. before the evening events begin. Of course, it’s completely optional whether you’d like to attend or not, but we can assure you, you don’t want to miss out. We have some amazing experiences planned that are included in the event ticket price. If you’re looking for more free time, we recommend arriving early or leaving a few days after.

Are there any events happening before A-Fest officially starts and how can I join?

At each A-Fest we add more value to our tribe by bringing some of the best trainers in the world to run workshops right before A-Fest. Therefore, expect to have some pre-event workshops and the details will be added soon.

Where can I see the full agenda?

Here is the framework agenda, so you know the overall schedule, but the detailed agenda will be added later on. 

Wednesday, May 30
12PM-2PM Pre A-Fest Workshops Registration
2PM-6PM Pre-event A-Fest Workshops 
9PM-12PM Welcome Mingler Event
Thursday, May 31
9AM-11AM A-Fest Event Registration
11AM-1PM Welcoming Session
2PM-6PM Afternoon Speaker Session
8PM-12AM Dinner Party
Friday, June 1
8AM-9AM Morning Activities (optional)
10.30AM-1PM Morning Speaker Session
2.30PM-6PM Afternoon Speaker & Breakout Sessions
9PM-1AM  Off-Site Party
Saturday, June 2
8AM-9AM Morning Activities (optional)
10AM-10.30AM Meditation Session (optional)
10.30AM-1PM Morning Speaker Session
3PM-7PM Beach time at the hotel
9PM-12AM Special Evening Event at hotel
Sunday, June 3
8AM-9AM Morning Activities (optional)
10AM-10.30AM Meditation Session (optional)
10.30AM-1PM Morning Speaker Session
2.30PM-6PM Afternoon Speaker
9PM-1AM Off-Site Closing Event

*Agenda details are subject to change.


Flight & Accommodation

What airport should I fly into?

International Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG), the main international gateway to the island of Sardinia, is located 7 km northwest of Cagliari, and 45 minutes drive from Forte Village Resort. For more information on the airlines that fly to Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG) and the cities that you can fly from or transit through, visit

When should I fly in and out?

A-Fest is a jam-packed four-day event starting from Thursday, May 31 til Sunday, June 3, 2018. As per the agenda above, there will be complimentary pre-event workshops on Wednesday, May 30. If you’re interested in attending, we recommend checking in on Tuesday, May 29, or the morning of Wednesday, May 30.

If you won’t be attending the workshops please plan to arrive in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 30. We will have a pre-event mingler that evening. Event registration will take place on Thursday, May 31 in the  morning.

Every A-Fest ends with a special closing event on the final evening that you won’t want to miss so we strongly advise not checking out before Monday, June 4.

How can I book a room at the hotel?

A-Fest Sardinia 2018 takes place at Forte Village Resort – a beautiful family friendly property by the sea that offers various 5* and 4* hotels. You are going to receive more information on how to book a hotel room at a special A-Fest discounted rate once you purchase your ticket.

Please note that pets are not allowed in this hotel.

Can I stay at another hotel?

The short answer here is no. Forte Village Resort doesn’t allow outside guests to their property, so attendees must stay in Forte Village Resort in order to access the event.


What date range do the discounted room rates apply?

Since we realize that you might want to take the advantage of your time in Sardinia and spend a few extra days there, we’ve made sure our special group rate is valid for the 3 days prior to and 3 days after the event. Rooms booked after our room block sells out may be reserved at a higher rate per night and subject to availability.

What food & beverages will be covered by A-Fest?

Forte Village offers accommodation on a half board basis, meaning that buffet breakfast and buffet dinners are included in the room rate. A-Fest will cover 4 buffet lunches and will also provide an open bar of wine, beer, and nonalcoholic beverages at evening events during the main program (May 31-June 3).

Are there any child services at the hotel?

Forte Village Resort is the family-friendly place with Children’s Wonderland offering kids’ theatre, Barbie’s resort, pool and lagoon area, nursery, U-Club for teenagers and so much more. All the activities for kids are free of charge.

Is there Wi-Fi at the hotel?

Wifi is provided complimentary in rooms and throughout the hotel.

I need a roomie. What should I do?

We’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to share your dates and preferences in a special document in our Tribe Facebook Group. Access to this group will be shared with you once you’ve purchased your ticket.

Packing Guide

What is the dress code?

During the day, you’ll want to wear something comfortable and casual. Something you can move in! In the evening, pretty much anything goes. Ladies, pack dresses and heels if you are feeling inspired, and guys, feel free to pack a shirt and dress pants if you wish… it’s totally up to you! Many of our evening events take place outdoors, and sometimes on the sand, so ladies, it’s a good idea to pack some flat shoes. You'd also want to bring a jacket or something to keep you warm as evening might get a little bit chilly outdoors.

And make sure you save some room for your party costumes which we will announce soon.

Also, each morning we’ll have yoga, fitness and meditation classes. Make sure you pack exercise friendly clothing and shoes if you want to join in! Yoga mats will not be available for the classes so we recommend that you bring your own.

What should I bring with me?

The most important thing is a positive attitude and the willingness to have a lot of fun! As always we’ll have epic theme parties happening at A-Fest and we’ll make sure to let you know what costume you should bring.

Where can I get more information?

If you still have any questions regarding what you can expect at A-Fest, please email us at:

Important To Know

Here’s everything you need to know to help you plan your trip to A-Fest Sardinia
  • Tourist visas are generally not required for many nationalities (for EU citizens even a valid ID is sufficient, but some nationalities need a Schengen visa). For a full list of countries and regions that require a visa to travel to Italy, click here.
  • Electricity in Italy conforms to the European standard of 220V to 230V, with a frequency of 50Hz. Wall outlets typically accommodate plugs with two or three round pins. For other socket types it is recommended that you bring your own adapter.
  • The average temperature in June is 71° F (21°C), with a high of 81°F (27°C). 
  • Official language is Italian.
  • The local currency is Euro. There is an ATM at Forte Village Resort property, but our recommendation is to take out enough cash to last a few days.
  • The local time corresponds to UTC+1.
  • No vaccinations are required to travel to Sardinia.
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Sardinia, although many islanders prefer to buy bottled water.
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