Our Story

Why we decided to create this global movement
A-fest is designed to teach you how to bring out the most of your capabilities as a human being – the kind of knowledge you wished they had taught you in school.

So whatever it is you do, whether it’s running a business or looking to play a bigger game, A-fest will give you the powerful training, profound mind shift, bio-hacking techniques, deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities you need to multiply your impact and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things – while having a ton of fun in the process.

The History of Awesomeness

Mindvalley aims to be the world’s greatest workplace by the year 2020, and we’re constantly innovating on our company culture and systems to create an engaged and happy workforce. One of these systems has always been our annual team retreat – once a year we fly our entire team to a paradise island for a long weekend of training, bonding and celebrating.

There they would forge friendships, share ideas, and help each other learn and grow. The team retreat became about personal growth and connecting, with a healthy dose of fun and adventure. Then word got out to our authors and network circles, and soon, well-known speakers and entrepreneurs started joining our annual retreat to share their knowledge and get to know our team. As more and more people asked to join these trips, Mindvalley’s founder Vishen Lakhiani looked for a way to deliver this experience to more people.

That’s how A-fest was born – a ridiculous business idea that would probably not make financial sense to investors, but a potential movement that Vishen believed could rely solely on the faith of the brilliant minds and personalities that would eventually form its potential tribe.

In 2010, we debuted in Costa Rica. In 2011, we surfed the exotic waves of Hawaii and in 2012, A-fest went to the beautiful Mayan Riviera in Mexico. In 2013, A-fest expanded to more incredible locations: Bali, Indonesia, Punta Cana, & Dominican Republic – and each event was equally successful. And so A-fest has now become a twice-a-year event, continuing to Mykonos, Greece in 2016.

Our next paradise is Greece

The next A-fest will be held on the beautiful and cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos from Thursday May 26 - Sunday May 29, 2016. Our second 2016 episode will take us back to the Americas (the exact dates and location will be confirmed later this year).

So just like our own company team retreat, we gather amazing people together and put them through four days of bonding, training, fun, and seriously powerful growth experiences. And now we’re inviting you to take part in our next event. Rumor has it, it might just be the most awesome one yet… but then again that’s what people say about every recent A-fest ;-)

Our Core Team

Meet the people behind A-fest.
Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO

A passionate entrepreneur, education technology innovator, sought after speaker, biohacking enthusiast, and total personal growth junkie – Vishen is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company specializing in innovation in education by introducing wellness, mindfulness and personal development into global education. He’s on a quest to redesign education, heighten human consciousness, and have a ton of fun doing it.

Tanya Lopez, Events Director

Tanya won our “World’s Most Awesome Job” competition for a lot of reasons. For instance – the personal growth aficionado is a communications ninja with nearly 10 years of experience in PR and marketing for the likes of companies like Nike and NBC-Universal. Fluent in Spanish, she’s worked and lived in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and spent a year traveling the world before launching her own PR and social media consulting practice.

A message from Vishen Lakhiani

Ten years (and counting) of being in the personal growth industry has made me realise two important things: that the single most effective way to impact people is to first present them to leaders that can in turn share the ideas with their communities; and that these leaders can be some of the most amazing and fun people you’ve ever met. The truth is – they’d much rather be networking and sharing their knowledge in informal settings that be stuck sitting in a boring seminar. Screw the boardroom – they want the beach.

These ideas helped us shape Awesomeness Fest back in March 2010. We saw it as a natural extension of our company’s mission to spread enlightened ideas in business and personal growth, and empower everyone to be extraordinary.

Later that year we hosted our first Awesomeness Fest in in Costa Rica, and it was a massive success. But we realized something else – it had become more than just an ideas summit – it was a movement. A-list speakers were waiving their fees. Volunteers were pitching in to help. Word spread fast. All because people believed in the cause.

It didn’t take long for us to make a crucial decision – Awesomeness Fest would be an organization that exists to serve its attendees, and gives back to the planet.

From Awesomeness Fest 2011 onwards, we’ll go to great lengths to create amazing experiences for the tribe, and we will do so while also contributing to causes that are also impacting humanity – such as Patricia Arquette’s GiveLove and Tiffany Persons’ Shine on Sierra Leone. Since 2013, we began donating our proceeds to the X Prize Foundation, an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity through incentivised worldwide challenged and competitions.

Just how far can Awesomeness Fest go? Join us and let’s find out :-)

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