A-Fest Sardinia, Italy

Thu, May 31 - Sun, June 3, 2018


A-Fest Europe 2018 will take place in Sardinia, Italy, from Thursday, May 31 until Sunday, June 3, at the Forte Village Resort close to Cagliari.

Sardinia is Italy's second largest island, famed for its beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain, fascinating history, and natural contrasts; the lights and colors of a region that boasts old traditions and a wild and pure nature.

Not only is Sardinia known for its seductive beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters, it’s renowned for it’s welcoming people, fantastic restaurants, sophisticated atmosphere, and even the soothing evening ritual of the passeggiata (leisurely walk for the purpose of socializing). Exploring Sardinia offers surprises at just about every turn.

We invite you to spend four unforgettable days (May 31-June 3) in Sardinia with our a global tribe of 350+ changemakers, leaders, cultural creatives and passionate entrepreneurs who are excited about creating big changes in their lives.


Join us and learn, grow and bond with some of the most brilliant people on the planet…

Experience Paradise at Forte Village Resort


A-Fest Sardinia will take place at Forte Village Resort, 45 minutes away from Cagliari. Nestled among 47 hectares of beautiful gardens along a white sand beach, the Resort offers a choice of 4* and 5* hotels.

How To Get There

International Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG), the main international gateway to the island of Sardinia, is located 7 km northwest of Cagliari, and 45 minutes drive from Forte Village Resort.

Where To Stay

A-Fest will take place at Forte Village Resort where all attendees will stay. Information on how to book a hotel room at a special A-Fest discounted room rate will be provided after you’ve secured your event ticket.


Seaside resort, Forte Village, has plenty of ammenities which all offer unforgettable experience. Children city, social hub Piazza Maria Luigia, a moonlit stroll, and a discotheque are just some of them.

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As human lifespan approaches 100 years, we know we can extend life, but we cannot yet reverse ageing. Our goal has, therefore, become about slowing down ageing as much as possible. This A-Fest is based on the exploration of cutting-edge ideas about how to ensure that you can have the body, mental states, looks and power of someone 20 to 40 years younger than you. It’s an exploration of new protocols and methods proven by science to slow down ageing, including brain training to reverse vision deterioration, new methods of science-backed exercise that can 10X your muscular development, biohacking and new tools to reverse cellular ageing, and new mindsets to feel and live young.


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Speakers Lineup

We'll be welcoming incredible speakers, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and world-leading experts in their fields to the stage at A-Fest Sardinia.


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Apply Now to Get Invited

A-Fest is an invite-only transformational event that gathers a global tribe of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world. Take the first step to joining us in paradise by applying below. Our next stop is Sardinia, Italy from Thursday, May 31 to Sunday, June 3.



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