A-Fest Jordan

May 12-15, 2022

Sunrise panoramic view of Dead Sea

The Hidden Gem of the Middle East

With 330 days of sunshine, dry air and no crowds, stunning natural landscapes and world-renowned historical and religious sites, Jordan is considered a hidden gem of the Middle East. It’s a region blessed with many wonders, including some of the most well-preserved archaeological sites of the Roman Empire, and the Dead Sea, which is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.

Located 429 metres below sea level, the lowest point on earth, Jordan is a country that often leaves travellers surprised by its staggering beauty. The green and luscious northern landscapes seem a world away from the beautiful dry deserts of the south, and the mountainous landscapes make for truly awe-inspiring sunsets.

Lobby of Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa in Jordan, with lush greens and comfortable arm chairs

The Resort

Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa in Jordan

Get to know an undiscovered side of coastal luxury

Technology today has us more informed and interconnected than ever, yet there is still so much disconnect. We have endless resources to navigate the world around us, but what we’re missing are the tools to navigate the world between us. This A-Fest, we’ll explore deep connection and how to relate to ourselves and others. We’ll learn what it means to be real, vulnerable and honest with those around us. We’re going to dive into the craft of meaningful and fulfilling relationships between friends, family, couples, co-workers and even strangers. Get ready for a lineup of some of the greatest teachers and thinkers in connection and authentic relating, where they’ll share their knowledge & best practices in the art of connection.

Essential Things to Note

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How To Get There

Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa is located 45 minutes from Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Jordan. Please note that a visa is required, however, Jordan issues tourist visas upon arrival to tourists from 130 countries.

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Where To Stay

A-Fest will take place at Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa, and this is where all attendees will stay. Information on how to book a hotel room at the special A-Fest discounted room rate will be provided in the lead up to the event.

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When to Arrive and Depart

If you’re on a tight schedule and flying in just for A-Fest we suggest that you plan to arrive on the evening of Wednesday, May 11 and depart after 12PM on Monday, May 16. For the full A-Fest experience, we recommend that you arrive on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, and depart on Tuesday, May 17.

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