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COVID-19 Updates for Jordan

Jordan welcomes both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers. Starting from March 1, PCR tests are not required anymore to enter Jordan nor to attend social events. However, a form needs to be filled here to receive your QR code that must be presented upon boarding.

As of April, Jordan has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions. Masks and social distancing are no longer required.

For the most up-to-date information and steps for entering Jordan, take a look at the official info here.

Application and tickets

How can I join A-Fest?

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Refund policy

Refund and Transfer Policy

COVID-19 travel updates & entry requirements

What are the current COVID-19 related regulations in Jordan for attending A-Fest?

What will be the Covid-19 safety measures at A-Fest?

How can I get a visa for Jordan?

Agenda and speakers

What is the theme of A-Fest Jordan?

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Flights and accommodation

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Packing guide

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